Pre-Project Process

Use this process to discuss project and request quote. 

Step 1: 

Describe the project in detail by providing the problem you are facing, what you want done/created, what you hope it accomplishes, your target audience, the desired due date, and your budget range.

Email to or go to Contact Page and fill out the 'Quote Request' form. 


Step 2:

098 Productions & Design will contact you to schedule an initial complimentary consultation.

Plan for this meeting to be from 30 - 60 minutes. 


Step 3:

098 Productions & Design will generate an official quote within 48 hours of the consultation and email to the client. 


Step 4:

Once the quote is accepted, a letter of engagement is signed and the project begins.

The engagement letter will contain the project description, fees, billing, copyright rights, etc.

All prices/rates are revised annually every January and are subject to change depending on the nature of the project and its complexity.

Turnaround time for work may vary due to projects currently in progress. Time frame will be determined at the time the letter of engagement is signed. 


Verified charities receive 10% off the final price.


098 Productions & Design can take any of the services/products listed below and create a custom package that fits your needs! 


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On location shoots

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Motion Graphics

Graphics & Animation

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Digital Photos

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Designs & Animation

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Designed for Print & Digital

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Designed for Print & Digital